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Programmes and Initiatives

This action plan focuses on addressing the educational needs of children and young people
from disadvantaged communities, from pre-school through second-level education (3 to18
years). Its frame of reference is based on the definition of “educational disadvantage” in the
Education Act (1998) as:

“…the impediments to education arising from social or economic disadvantage which prevent
students from deriving appropriate benefit from education in schools.”

The action plan is, therefore, one element of a continuum of interventions to address
disadvantage, which include second-chance education and training and access measures for
adults to support increased participation by under-represented groups in further and higher
education. A further element of this continuum is the ongoing development of provision for
pupils with special educational needs in light of the enactment of the Education for Persons with
Special Needs Act (2004) and the establishment of the National Council for Special Education.

The action plan is grounded in the belief that:
• every child and young person deserves an equal chance to access, participate in
and benefit from education
• each person should have the opportunity to reach her/his full educational
potential for personal, social and economic reasons

education is a critical factor in promoting social inclusion and economic development

Every DEIS school has an action plan in place where targets have been set to support and develop the disadvantaged community which it is part of. To download our current DEIS plan please click HERE.

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