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Mission Statement

About Us

Our school works out of a Catholic ethos motivated by the life of Jesus Christ. Our school ethos,which is based on a strong catholic faith and belief, reflects a safe and secure environment where children learn to be self confident and have a positive self-esteem. It aims to develop a sense of personal responsibility and help the children to understand their own personal humanity. It enables our pupils to develop and enhance the social skills of communication, co-operation and conflict resolution necessary for creating and maintaining supportive relationships both now and in the future. An understanding of healthy living, an ability to implement healthy behaviour and a willingness to participate in activities that promote and sustain health are essential parts of our philosophy. A child's sense of safety and an ability to protect themselves from danger and abuse is of paramount importance. We strive to enable the children to respect the environment and to develop a sense of responsibility for its long-term care. An appreciation of and respect for the diversity that exists in society and the positive contributions of various cultures, religious and social groups are essential ingredients of our thinking. We strive to teach our children to love one another as God has loved us.

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